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Baggage Allowance

You can check the latest Baggage Allowance of most of the Airlines by simply clicking on the desired Airline to view its information.

Airline Airline Code Checked Baggage Hand Baggage Child Allowance First/Business Frequent Flyer Excess Charge Airline Page
Aer lingus EI 23KG(115cm) 10KG(115cm) 10KG 32KG(158cm) £6/12 per extra KG Aer Lingus
Air Canada AC 23kg (158cm) 10kg (118cm) 23kg (158cm) 96kg (158cm) 96kg (158cm) 1st bag $100, 2nd $70, 3rd + $225 Air Canada
Air China CA 20kg (cm) 5kg (115cm) 10kg (cm) 40kg/30kg Extra 20-30kg 1.5% of fare per kg Air China
Air Europa UX 23kg 10 kg 23kg 46kg 60 € Air Europa
Air France AF 23kg (158cm) 12kg (115cm) 10kg 96kg/64kg (158cm) Extra 32kg 72/200 $ or € Air France
Air India AI 20kg (272cm) 8kg (115cm) 10kg (114cm) 40kg/30kg (272cm) 1.5% of fare per kg Air India
Air Malta KM 20kg 8kg (113cm) 10kg 30kg Buy excess voucher online Air Malta
Air Mauritius MK 23kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 32kg 100 $ or € Air Mauritius
Air New Zealand NZ 23kg 7kg (118cm) 69kg/46kg Extra 23kg £35 Air New Zealand
Air Seychelles HM 23kg 7kg 23kg 30kg £11/15 Air Seychelles
Alitalia AZ 23kg 8kg 23kg 64kg/46kg Extra 23kg/32kg 55/75 € Alitalia
All Nippon Airways NH 20kg (158cm) 10kg (115cm) 20kg (128cm) 40kg/30kg (158cm) 3000 - 30000 Yen All Nippon Airways
American Airlines AA 23kg (157cm) 114cm 23kg (114cm) 69kg (157cm) 46kg (157cm) $60 American Airlines
Austrian Airlines OS 23kg (158cm) 8kg 23kg (158cm) Extra 23kg (158cm) 46kg 15 € per kg Austrian Airlines
British Airways BA 23kg (208cm) 23kg (126cm) 23kg 96kg/46kg 64kg £40 British Airways
Brussels Airlines SN 23kg (158cm) 6-16kg (118cm) 23kg (158cm) 32kg(158cm) 50 - 100 € Brussels Airlines
Caribbean Airlines BW 2 x 23kg (157cm) 10kg (114cm) 2 x 23kg (157cm) 2 x 32kg (157cm) $75 - 225 Caribbean Airlines
Cathay Pacific CX 20kg 7kg (115cm) 10kg 40kg/30kg Extra 10-20kg $60 Cathay Pacific
China Airlines CI 20kg (115cm) 7kg (115cm) 10kg (115cm) 40kg/30kg Extra 10kg/20kg $32 China Airlines
China Eastern MU 20kg (200cm) 5kg (115cm) 10kg (200cm) 40kg/30kg Call 0121 281 3380 China Eastern
Czech Airlines OK 20kg (208cm) 8kg (115cm) 23kg (158cm) 46kg (158cm) Extra 23kg 55 - 200 € Czech Airlines
Delta Airlines     DL 23kg (157cm) 115cm 10kg 96kg/64kg 64kg $200 per bag Delta Airlines
Emirates EK 30kg (158cm) 7kg (113cm) 23kg (115cm) 50kg/40kg £25 per kg Emirates
Estonian Air OV 23kg (158cm) 8kg (126cm) 64kg (158cm) 40 - 300 € Estonian Air
Ethiopian Airlines ET 23kg 7kg (115cm) 10kg 32kg (158cm) Extra 15kg/20kg 1.5% of fare per kg Ethiopian Airlines
Etihad Airways EY 23kg (197cm) 7kg (115cm) 23kg (207cm) 40kg/30kg 40-55kg $20 - 45 Etihad Airways
Eva Air BR 20kg 7kg (115cm) 10kg (115cm) 30kg 25kg 1.5% of fare per kg Eva Air
Finnair AY 23kg (158cm) 8kg/10kg (126cm) 23kg 46kg (158cm) Extra 23kg 28/40 € Finnair
Flybe BE 40kg (charged) 10kg (108cm) 40kg (free) £12/15/20 per kg Flybe
Gulf Air GF 30kg 6kg (125cm) 30kg 40kg Extra 15-20kg $20 - 50 per kg Gulf Air
Iberia IB 23kg (157cm) 114cm 69kg (157cm) $60 - 200 per bag  Iberia
Icelandair FI 20kg (158cm) 6kg (115cm) 10kg 30kg (158cm) 55 - 93 € per bag Icelandair
JAL JL 2 x 23kg (203cm) 10kg (115cm) 2 x 23kg 3 x 32kg (203cm) $60 - 450 per bag JAL
Jet Airways 9W 28kg/32kg/2 x 23kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 10kg 3 x 23kg (158cm) £40/55/90/105 Jet Airways
Kenya Airways KQ 46kg 10kg 30kg 69kg (158cm) $100 - 200 per bag Kenya Airways
KLM KL 23kg (158cm) 12kg (115cm) 10kg 64kg (158cm) 46kg/64kg (158cm) 55 - 300 € per bag KLM
Korean Air KE 20kg (158cm) 12kg (115cm) 20kg (158cm) 40kg/30kg (158cm) 1.5% of fare per kg Korean Air
Kuwait Airways KU 20kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 20kg 40kg/30kg (158cm) 30kg No info supplied Kuwait Airways
LOT Polish Air LO 20kg (158cm) 6kg/9kg (118cm) 10kg 30kg (158cm) 40 - 115 € per bag LOT Polish Air
Lufthansa LH 23kg (158cm) 8kg (115cm) 64-128kg (158cm) 46-96kg (158cm) 50 - 750 € per bag Lufthansa
Luxair LG 20kg 7kg 20kg 30kg 40kg 10 € per kg Luxair
Malaysia Airlines MH 20kg 5kg 10kg (115cm) 30kg 40kg 1.5% of fare per kg Malaysia Airlines
Monarch ZB 20kg 10kg (126cm) 30kg 30kg £7.50/10.00 per kg Monarch
Oman Air WY 30kg 7kg (115cm) 50kg/40kg No info supplied Oman Air
Qantas QF 23kg 7kg (115cm) 23kg 40kg/32kg 32-64kg $50 - 1225 per bag Qantas
Qatar Airways QR 23kg (158cm) 7kg (112cm) 23kg (158cm) 40kg/30kg (158cm) Call 0870 389 8090 Qatar Airways
Royal Brunei Airlines BI 20kg 7kg (113cm) 30kg £20 - 47 per kilo Royal Brunei Airlines
Royal Jordanian Airlines RJ 20kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 20kg (158cm) 30kg (158cm) Extra 10kg $100 - 400 per bag Royal Jordanian Airlines
SAS SK 23kg (158cm) 8kg (115cm) 23kg (158cm) 64kg (158cm) 20 - 180 € per bag SAS
Singapore Airlines SQ 20kg (158cm) 7kg (115cm) 10kg 40kg/30kg (158cm) Double allowance $50 - 60 per kg Singapore Airlines
South African Airways SA 23kg 8kg (115cm) 23kg 40kg/30kg 10/20/30kg extra 1.5% of fare per kg South African Airways
SriLankan Airlines UL 32kg 7kg (102cm) 32kg No info supplied SriLankan Airlines
Swiss LX 23kg (158cm) 8kg (115cm) 23kg (158cm) 40kg/30kg (158cm) 15 - 30 € per kg Swiss
TAP Portugal TP 20kg 6kg (115cm) 30kg 15-20kg £15 - 20 per kg TAP Portugal
Thai Airways TG 20kg 7kg (115cm) 20kg 40kg/30kg Extra 10kg/20kg No info supplied Thai Airways
Turkish Airlines TK 23kg (158cm) 8kg (118cm) 23kg (158cm) 32kg (273cm) 10 - 25 € per kg Turkish Airlines
Ukraine International Airlines PS 20kg (158cm) 20kg 40kg (158cm) £130/260 per bag 100 - 250 € per bag Ukraine International Airlines
United Airlines UA 23kg (157cm) 114cm 46kg (157cm) 96kg (157cm) £130/260 per bag United Airlines
US Airways US 1 piece 23kg (114cm) 2 pieces 2nd bag $70, 3rd bag + $200 US Airways
Virgin Atlantic VS 23kg (208cm) 6kg (115cm) 23kg (208cm) 96kg/46kg (208cm) Extra 23kg (208cm) £30-90 per bag Virgin Atlantic